Friday, December 10, 2010

Its better to be fit...

Yesterday I started riding, and now I'm exhausted! Who would have thought riding 80km with touring gear would be so hard, i remember it being easy. It was my plan to only ride to Tijuana but I got there at 11:30am and decided to keep going. I arrived in Rosarito yesterday at about 2pm. My first impressions of Mexico are fairly good. The food has been great and I have been helped by several people so far when I got lost bypassing Tijuana.
Along the way I ended up getting turned around at a toll booth on a road that didn't allow bikes. So, I detoured around the booth, snuck through an empty lot a few km down the road, hopped a concrete abutment and was right back on my way. The toll road was the scenic road after all and I didn't want to be stuck on the non-scenic road, that's not why i ride.
Today I decided to stay in Rosarito, the last few days have been somewhat tiring and I didn't get a lot of sleep in the Hostel I was staying at, is it just me or are all hostels full of weird people who never stop talking?
Have only taken a few pictures so far, the cityscapes haven't been very inspiring and the scenic road I trespassed on only had scenery of an endless string of unfinished condo buildings. I'll post some soon.


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  1. Hi Brad
    Hope you are staying safe down there as nothing posted on your blog for awhile! Where are you now. Your missing lots of cold weather up here!
    take care